Learn to know Srila Gour Govinda Swami

Through the words of his dear disciples and followers

Her Grace Prema Manjari Devi Dasi (GGS)

''...Maharaja [Caitanya Candra Maharaja] said, He [Gurudeva] is so sick now and he can not travel so I don't think he can come to Bali. So this made me broken-hearted at that time . . . But I had a faith because he is sadhu, he is antaryami, he knows everything, I mean Gurudeva. So I had a faith in my heart. Gurudeva will come to Bali.''

His Grace Sundarananda Dasa (GGS)

''When Gurudeva came to Bali, he was very happy. because we don't know how to serve Guru like that. We were just very simple. Maybe Gurudeva was touched by the simplicity of us...''

His Grace Brajendranandana Dasa (GGS)

''I remember four things about Gurudeva. He explained about the importance of humility, he explained about the importance of sadhu-sanga, he explained about the importance of hearing Srimad-Bhagavatam . . . and he explained every prayer, or every verse . . . from the Bhagavatam''

Sripad Chaitanya Chandra Maharaja (GGS)

''We also heard from Gurudeva that whenever we are not able to tolerate, that time we should enquire, that whether our chanting is going on nicely or not. After hearing this, I was convinced that maybe my bhajana is not nice. Therefore, Krishna is arranging this type of situation for me to learn how to tolerate.''